About - The Secrets

In 2014 my daughter and I decided to take a leap of faith and start a hair company not knowing the first thing about hair. We had no idea our venture would take us where we are today.

My daughter and I worked for Delta Airlines at the time. She had about two years of experience and I had over 15 years when we decided to start selling hair. We were driving down the street one day and noticed a billboard with a huge hair extension advertisement. I made a comment about how nice it was and my daughter said the ladies that owned the company are pretty young and own several locations. I couldn’t believe that selling hair could be that profitable. I thought about it for maybe two minutes and said, I have an idea! Let’s sell hair!

My daughter was just as excited as I was and that day marked the changing of our lives.

During our tax season, we invested into a vision that we now call BOSS XTEND. We sought plenty of vendors testing out hair until we found the perfect products to represent our brand. We tested them out by using the hair ourselves and giving it to our friends and family to test. After making our final decision on the perfect product, we immediately started to let everyone we know that we are selling hair!

For the first few months we started selling to our co-workers and friends then branched out to advertising online with social media.

As we made more and more sales, we decided to take all our profits and reinvest in more products. We didn’t realize that we were sitting on a goldmine. We stocked the hair in our living room and closets until we ran out of space. We then rented a suite inside a salon until we outgrew that space.

I was faced with a decision when I realized that my job with Delta was conflicting with my time to sell hair. I decided to go with my faith and venture full time into my own business.

We rented a second location which became our main location – an 1800 square ft space in Stockbridge, Georgia. We also hired three employees. My sister, a teacher, left her job and came on board expanding our operation into an even bigger organization.

We decided we wanted to create an opportunity for others to start their own businesses without going through as many ups and downs as we had. We started a dropship company called Dropship Lengths for others like us who wanted to change their lives, but didn’t know how to do it.

The dropship company took off at a fast rate and we then brought my youngest daughter onto the team. We outgrew our main location and needed to seek some type of warehouse space to hold the inventory and supplies for our dropship customers. The warehouse provided more office space and 4200 square feet of open space. This is our current home today.

We quickly expanded from an idea to a vision and now an active empire of our own creating job opportunities for others like yourself to have their own hair businesses.

If you have ever doubted yourself, take if from us, If we can do it so can you!

Dalandra Young