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I’m so happy that you have taken the time to read my book. This information I’ve written will benefit you and your business. In my book I have shared with you what I have learned throughout the years. When we started, we made so many mistakes, but during our trials and errors, we found what works for us when it comes to selling hair.

My advice is to take the information that is helpful to you and use it with your own style. Use what you want and throw away the rest. This is a starter guide for you in creating your own brand and legacy. I have shared enough information and knowledge with you to lead you in the right direction. 

Remember, this is fun, it’s exciting, and it’s your business for sure! You call your own shots and you make your own rules. I just ask that during your process of learning and experiencing this business that maybe one day you do something to help others learn. Help make the lessons easier by spreading what you’ve learned during your journey. We all need help, and if we can help the next person along the way, then we can and will create a better place to live. 

Not everything is about competition, because there are enough riches for all of us to be successful. Take the hand of someone else who is struggling and show them the new way you learned. What’s for us is for us, so don’t worry about being selfish. Just spread the love and pave the path for others.

Together we stand—united we fall. We are one heartbeat. Let’s live to the best of our ability and support one another. 

~Dalandra Young